PROGRAM SCHEDULE: Here are the official Program and VIP responsibility dates through mid January. The list for 2018, prepared by Dave Baker, is now on our printed PV Views cover page.. November 29 – Paul Franco; December 6 – Joe Gruzdis; December 13 – Herb Hamilton, December 20 – Business Meeting; December 27 – Avery Hart; January 3, Halsey Hunt; January 10 – Erick Jackowsky. Please let Dave Baker, Program Chair know the topic of your speaker., mayordave1@yahoo.com If for any reason you will not have a speaker on your day, please find a substitute and let Dave Baker know who it will be or inform him in the event you are unable to find a speaker or cannot present a program.


 A THANKSGIVING REUNION ! Thanksgiving is a time for reunions, and last Wednesday were visited by Honorary Member and Past President, PHF Bill Van Riper, who joined PV Rotary in 1962 and relocated to Florida about two decades ago. Also visiting with us was Honorary Member and PHF Andy Rienstra, who was presented his PV Rotary 25 Year Plus Club certificate. Bill and Ted Lutjen both joined PV Rotary in 1962 and could be members of our 55 Year Club! Andy joined Clifton Rotary in 1974 where he was president, and joined PV Rotary in 1983 shortly after becoming pastor at the First Reformed Church.


DATES TO REMEMBER: DEC 2. GRAINS OF HOPE BENEFIT PERFORMANCE, "The Producers" @ the Rhino DEC. 7. FRUIT SALE PICK-UP @ Vander May Colonial Funeral Home, 567 Ratzer Rd., Wayne, NJ DEC. 13 – PV ROTARY FIRESIDE MEETING – Annual Planning MeetingFor All Members, 56 Deerfield Road, Wayne DEC. 15. – PV ROTARY COOK_OFF CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY PARTY @ Pat W’s, Jim Cutillo has contest sign up sheets. DEC. 18 – ROBBIN’S ICEHOUSE BBQ AND GATHERING – Station Road, Lincoln Park, NJ FEB. 10 – VALENTINES DINNER DANCE at a new location, The Barnyard MAY 26-31 - DISTRICT CONFERENCE CRUISE TO BERMUDA, on the Royal Carribbean Anthem Of The Seas http://rotarydistrict7470.org/event/district-cdonference/

GUESTS: Honorary PV Rotary Members Bill Van Riper and Andy Rienstra; Joanne Bastante-Howard, speaker, guest of Stephanie; Wayne Odenbrett, guest of Patty O; Prospective member Maria Rodriguez was seen in the building, but a delay at the office kept her from our meeting! FELLOWSHIP: Bob Peterson celebrated his 53rd anniversary with Mary Ellen – we all sang. In last week’s edition we noted Paul Dolengo’s celebrated of his 53rd Anniversary with Ann and his 75th Birthday on the next day. But there was a typo in the spelling of his last name. So we are correcting that today. WELCOME TO PEQUANNOCK VALLEY ROTARY !

PRESIDENT ERNIE’S NOTES: Ernie noted that again as part of the fund raising effort for GRAINS OF HOPE, a special benefit performance of ‘The Producers" will be at the Rhino Theatre in Pompton Lakes on December 2nd; tickets are only $35.00! Call 973.248.9491 or www.RhinoTheatre.com ***Ernie also reminded all of our annual FIRESIDE MEETING DECEMBER 13. 7:00 PM. at 56 Deerfield Road, Wayne, (just over the Jackson Ave Bridge, hang a right, then the first left). The FIRESIDE MEETING is our annual meeting for the 2018-2019 PV Rotary year. Rotarians only, no spouses or partners! They are of course, welcome, two days later at our PV ROTARY COOK-OFF and HOLIDAY PARTY, which will be at Pat’s delightfully decorated home on December 15th (770 Turnpike, Pompton Plains). Jim Cutillo has the COOK-OFF CONTEST sign-up sheet for the different categories, $20 for members to enter. This year, Donna is in charge of the prizes for each category. The $20 entry fee goes to servers, paper goods. NOTE: Spouses and significant others, no charge. Members not entering the contest pay $20 as well, plus a "penalty" to be determined. (Singing was last year’s penalty!) *** Robbin announced that the ROBBIN’S ICEHOUSE BBQ AND GATHERING will be in December 18, at his icehouse on Station Road in Lincoln Park. *** The VALENTINES DINNER/DANCE will be on February 10 @ The Barnyard. *** This year’s DISTRICT CONFERENCE will be a five day Bermuda cruise on the Royal Caribbean Line’s "Anthem of the Seas" on May 26 to May 31, 2018. http://rotarydistrict7470.org/event/district-cdonference/

HAPPY/SAD DOLLARS: Jim Cramer H5$ Thanksgiving and "You guys!" John H$ For Thanksgiving, looking at a bunch of turkey’s in the room, H$ that both Bill and Andy are here with us; Vince H$ For Thanksgiving, H$ To be a member of this great club; Darmo H5$ For Thanksgiving and the people who do their best, but Bill VanRiper still owes him the $1,000 he once won (Bill gave it to Joan – Paul says he never saw it!); Shrey H$ Happy Thanksgiving; Donna H$ Spent the weekend in Plymouth, Mass. They have a great Thanksgiving parade there, better than Macy’s! H$ For everyone, this club rocks! Marlene H$ Giving thanks, the shop is doinf well and "Thank God that Donna comes in!" Danielle H$ Thanksgiving; Neil S$ For all the turkeys! More in on line edition….


Herb Hamilton gave a power point presentation regarding the renaming of our 501.c(3) Scholarship Foundation to encompass all of our charitable financial activities that were previously under our 501.c(4) umbrella, wherein tax deductions for contributions were permitted only for members, not the public. It was noted that the accounting of PV Rotary Foundation funds will be by separate leger and that the new contribution form allows the donor to specify which fund they want their contribution to go to: General (Welfare), Scholarship, Save-A-Life , Gift of Life or Other. Herb distributed printed copies of his presentation, it is available on our club website and a PDF file of Herb’s presentation will be attached to the emailed copy of PV Views. This will simplify our financial reporting, purchasing goods and services without paying sales tax and most importantly, facilitate in getting outside contributions for four our projects and programs. ### PROGRAM NOTES -Email Ed.

33/33/33 – Jay, 17 points, but no joker. Photos and words by scribe Jay. WELCOME TO PEQUANNOCK VALLEY ROTARY !

VIP STEPHANIE: Stephanie got right down to business and asked us all for $1 each before introducing her speaker, Joanne.

PROGRAM: "AMERICA’S SPECIAL KIDZ" - Joanne Bastante-Howard

From their Facebook page: "America’s Special Kidz (A.S.K.) helps children with special needs and serious medical conditions. We strive to raise the financial resources necessary to help families pay their high out-of-pocket medical expenses and provide critical resources to kids of all ages. It is our mission to improve education, therapeutic services and medical care. Together, with your help we can improve the image of individuals with disabilities and embrace all people for their individuality. A.S.K. strives to educate the medical, educational, and business community about the talents and abilities of individuals with a wide range of special needs. It is A.S.K.'s vision that all citizens will be valued and active contributors to the local communities."

When she first learned that her long awaited baby boy had Downs Syndrome, she was devastated, but once ovcer the initial shock, she began a mission to learn everything she could about it to help her son. During her search for information, she learned about other special children and their needs like congenital heart defects, autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, epilepsy and cerebral palsy, diabetes, pediatric cancers and rare chromosome disorders. After five years of research, she began writing a resource guide for other parents and educators. A key component of ASK is the periodical production of a resource guide for parents of special needs kids. She said "we share "new" legislation for our kids in New Jersey, safety tools, ways to help your child learn and retain information, an important list of NJ government agencies and so much more!"

For more information or to contact Joanne, call 973.521.0433 or visit ASK’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/AmericaSpecialKidz/ or email her Joanne@AmericaSpecialKidz.org

HAPPY/SAD DOLLARS – continued: Herb H$ For Thanksgiving; Andy H$ For Thanksgiving and the Lions beat the Packers! Alma, H2$ Thanks to Darmo for organizing the Veterans Lunch, and for Bill Van Riper, its been 22 years since he moved to Florida, he is the club’s olderst Honorary Member; Chuck H$ Thanksgiving, S$ His septic system was not working; Patty O H$ Her mom and ‘the other old people’ are still alive and kicking at 97, 92 and 96, everything is OK, H2$ For Thanksgiving, her husband Wayne being here with her today; Joe H2$ For Thanksgiving and tonight’s college football is good for Bardi’s; Gino H$ For Thanksgiving;

Jay H2$ For Thanksgiving and another great week; Cosimo H$ Thanksgiving with the whole family; Kevin H$ Happy Thanksgiving; Pat H$ For Thanksgiving, H$ She’s not hosting this year! Jenn H$ For Thanksgiving, they are hosing and a H$ to second what Vince said, "though it was very mushy,: H$ To be a member of this great club" John D. 2H$ The kids are home, his wife is happy, H$ That Pauli D is here; Stephanie H$ For her guest speaker today, Joanne Bastante-Howard of "America’s Special Kidz" and Ernie 2H$ For Thanksgiving, he and his wife are hosting countless numbers of people for dinner!